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Bon Amis Travel Tips

Please read your itinerary thoroughly and read with understanding. If you do not understand something, the best time to ask your questions is prior to the trip and on the zoom calls that will be held in preparation of the trip. All your questions can be answered from the detailed itinerary. Print your itinerary and bring a printed copy with you on your trip.

2. Have patience! You’re in a different country. They operate differently from the US. Please note others are on vacation just like you are. As the United States, we have a tendency of feeling privileged. Some of our antics and ways will be frowned upon. For example, you will be asked to be quiet if you’re too loud.

3. Don’t overpack! Invest in travel cubes or vacuum bags. This is especially for island hopping trips.

4. Passports: Your passport must have 6 months or more left on your passport on the date of travel.

5. Insurance: This is optional but highly recommended. Prices for insurance will vary depending upon the supplier used. Remember you are planning a trip for next year. You never know what may come up. Protect your investment (the money you’ve paid for your trip).

6. Research: When you go to foreign countries, please do your research! Things we do in the US may not be palatable or tolerated in those countries. Bon Amis will not be held liable for anything you do that violates a law on foreign land.

7. Photographs: Pictures are a great way to capture your vacation. Please be cognizant that some locals don’t like to be photographed. If there is a great view in a restaurant and you want to take photos, please don’t hover over other customers’ tables.

8. European Travel: Please convert your money to Euros. Our dollar (USD) is less than theirs. They prefer Euros. Destinations where the USD is worth more, they are open to receiving the USD.

9. Middle East & Dubai Travel: Women can wear what they want. However, women must be covered from head to toe when entering religious buildings. Feel free to rent the hijab at the Grand Mosque or you can buy one as a keepsake.

10. Tips: Your tour guides, bus drivers and other drivers all work off tips. Please put $5 aside per person. This means if you’re on an air-conditioned bus with a tour guide and a bus driver, each person on the bus should pay $10.00 total in tips for that excursion. If you want to give more, feel free to do so. If you just have a bus driver, $5 per person is all that needs to be paid.

11. Arrival at your destination: Everyone should congregate and wait for your entire party to deplane. After deplaning, take restroom break and head to baggage. Once you’ve claimed your baggage, please look for the representative that will meet you and transport you to your hotel.

12. Hotel Check-In times: Around the world, most check in times are usually between 3PM – 4PM. If the hotel tries to accommodate an earlier check-in, appreciate that but please do not EXPECT it.

13. Hotel Category: For cost effective reasons, I tend to always book 4-star hotels. 4-star in the US is totally different from 4-star in other destinations especially, Europe, Africa and Asia. If you desire 5-star, this should be stated at the very beginning of the planning phase because it will increase the cost of the package.

14. Double rooms: In the US, double rooms are totally different from double rooms in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Double rooms in the US typically have 2 queen beds whereas everywhere else double rooms is called a Twin Room. These rooms have twin beds that can be separated.

15. Free time: Free time is baked into the itinerary for a reason. You’re jet lagged and may want to rest. This time is for you to relax, meet new friends and connect with people in your travel group. Feel free to explore your destination. Go out somewhere to places that are not included in your itinerary or simply relax at the resort. Google is your best friend. Google things about the destination that you’d
like to see and do that during this time. No one should be bored during the free time in the itinerary.

16. Emails: Please read all emails. If you’re asked for dietary restrictions, this means if you don’t eat or prefer a particular type of meat. STATE THAT! Do not ignore that email as the meal may have already been chosen for everyone and you will get what was prepared if you do not state your dietary needs.

17. Water: In locations where they tell you not to drink the water. DON’T DRINK THE WATER! This means don’t even brush your teeth with the water. Use bottled water to brush your teeth.

18. Follow the Golden Rule!! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

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